Dart hymne

dart hymne

Die Musik und Hymnen gehören zum Dartsport einfach dazu. Hier die beiden Lieder, die in den Pausen und nach den Spielen bei den PDC-Turnieren immer. Nov. Darts-WM-Hymne Wenn die Dartspieler bei der Weltmeisterschaft unter dem Jubel der Fans auf die Bühne gehen, lässt Partymusik den. Freed from Desire - Gala Die Fans singen darauf oft auch "Will Griggs on fire".

Therefore in choice of loue, he doth desyre That seemes on earth most heauenly, to embrace, That same is Beautie, borne of heauenly race.

For sure of all, that in this mortall frame Contained is, nought more diuine doth seeme, Or that resembleth more th'immortall flame Of heauenly light, then Beauties glorious beame.

Which well perceiuing that imperious boy, Doth therwith tip his sharp empoisned darts; Which glancing through the eyes with counenance coy, Rest not, till they haue pierst the trembling harts, And kindled flame in all their inner parts, Which suckes the blood, and drinketh vp the lyfe Of carefull wretches with consuming griefe.

So hast thou often done ay me the more To me thy vassall, whose yet bleeding hart, With thousand wounds thou mangled hart so sore That whole remaines scarce any little part, Yet to augment the anguish of my smart, Thou hast enfrosen her disdainefull brest, That no one drop of pitie there doth rest.

Why then do I this honor vnto thee, Thus to ennoble thy victorious name, Since thou doest shew no fauour vnto mee, Ne once moue ruth in that rebellious Dame, Somewhat to slacke the rigour of my flame?

Certes small glory doest thou winne hereby, To let her liue thus free, and me to dy. But if thou be indeede, as men the call, The worlds great Parent, the most kind preseruer Of liuing wights, the soueraine Lord of all, How falles it then, that with thy furious feruour, Thou doest afflict as well the not deseruer, As him that doeth thy louely heasts despize, And on thy subiects most doest tyrannize?

Yet herein eke thy glory seemeth more, By so hard handling those which best thee serue, That ere thou doest them vnto grace restore, Thou mayest well trie if they will euer swerue, And mayest them make it better to deserue, And hauing got it, may it more esteeme, For things hard gotten, men more dearely deeme.

So hard those heauenly beauties be ensyred, As things diuine least passions doe impresse, The more of stedfast mynds to be admyred, The more they stayed be on stedfastnesse: But baseborne mynds such lamps regard the lesse, Which at first blowing take not hastie fyre, Such fancies feele no loue, but loose desyre.

For loue is Lord of truth and loialtie, Lifting himselfe out of the lowly dust, On golden plumes vp to the purest skie, Aboue the reach of loathly sinfull lust, Whose base affect through cowardly distrust of his weake wings, dare not to heauen fly, But like a moldwarpe in the earth doth ly.

His dunghill thoughts, which do themselues enure To dirtie drosse, no higher dare aspyre, Ne can his feeble earthly eyes endure The flaming light of that celestiall fyre, Which kindleth loue in generous desyre, And makes him mount aboue the natiue might Of heauie earth, vp to the heauens hight.

Such is the powre of that sweet passion, That it all sordid basenesse doth expell, And the refyned mynd doth newly fashion Vnto a fairer forme, which now doth dwell In his high thought, that would it selfe excell; Which he beholding still with constant sight, Admires the mirrour of so heauenly light.

Whose image printing in his deepest wit, He thereon feeds his hungrie fantasy, Still full, yet neuer satisfyde with it, Like Tantale , that in store doth sterued ly: So doth he pine in most satiety, For nought may quench his infinite desyre, Once kindled through that first conceiued fyre.

Thereon his mynd affixed wholly is, Ne thinks on ought, but how it to attaine; His care, his ioy, his hope is all on this, That seemes in it all blisses to containe, In sight whereof, all other blisse seemes vaine.

Thrise happie man, might he the same possesse; He faines himselfe, and doth his fortune blesse. And though he do not win his wish to end, Yet thus farre happie he him selfe doth weene, That heauens such happie grace did to him lend, As thing on Earth so heauenly, to haue seene, His harts enshrined faint, his heauens queene, Fairer then fairest, in his fayning eye, Whose sole aspect he counts felicitye.

Then forth he casts in his vnquiet thought, What he may do, her fauour to obtain; What braue exploit, what perill hardly wrought, What puissant conquest, what aduenturous paine, M[a]y please her best, and grace vnto him gaine: He dreads no danger, nor misfortune feares, His faith, his fortune, in his breast he beares.

Thou art his god, thou art his mightie guyde, Thou being blind, letst him not see his feares, But cariest him to that which he hath eyde, Through seas, through flames, through thousand swords and speares: Ne ought so strong that may his force withstand, With which thou armest his resistless hand.

And if by all these perils and these paines, He may but purchase lyking in her eye, What heauens of ioy, then to himselfe he faynes, Eftsoones he wypes quite out of memory, What euer ill before he did aby, Had it bene death, yet would he die againe, To liue thus happie as her grace to gaine.

Yet when he hath found fauour to his will, He nathemore can so contented rest, But forceth further on, and striueth still T'approch more neare, till in her inmost brest, He may enbosomd bee, and loued best; And yet not best, but to be lou'd alone, For loue can not endure a Paragone.

And to his fayning fancie represent Sights neuer seene, and thousand shadowes vaine, To breake his sleepe, and waste his ydle braine; Thou that hast neuer lou'd canst not beleeue, Least part of th'euils which poore louers greeue.

The gnawing enuie, the hart-fretting feare, The vaine surmizes, the distrustfull showes, The false reports that flying tales doe beare, The doubts, the daungers, the delayes, the woes, The fayned friends, the vnassured foes, With thousands more then any tongue can tell, Doe make a louers life a wretches hell.

Yet is ther one more cursed then they all, That canker worme, that monster Gelosie, Which eates the hart, and feedes vpon the gall, Turning all loues delight to miserie, Through feare of loosing his felicitie.

Ah Gods, that euer ye that monster placed In gentle loue, that all his ioyes defaced. There with thy daughter Pleasure they doe play Their hurtlesse sports, without rebuke or blame, And in her snowy bosome boldly lay Their quiet heads, deuoyd of guilty shame: After full ioyance of their gentle game, Then her they crowne their Goddesse and their Queene, And Decke with floures thy altars well beseene.

Ay me, deare Lord, that euer I might hope, For all the paines and woes that I endure, To come at length vnto the wished scope Of my desire, or might my selfe assure, That happie port for euer to recure.

Then would I thinke these paines no paines at all, And all my woes to be but penance small. Then would I sing of thine immortall praise An heauenly Hymne, such as the Angels sing, Boue all the gods, thee onely honoring, My guide, my God, my victor, and my king; Till then, dread Lord, vouchsafe to take of me This simple song, thus fram'd in praise of thee.

That as I earst in praise of thine owne name, So now in honour of thy Mother deare, 10 An honourable Hymne I eke should frame, And with the brightnesse of her beautie cleare, The rauisht harts of gazefull men might reare, To admiration of that heauenly light, From whence proceeds such foule enchaunting might[.

Therto do thou great Goddesse, queene of Beauty, Mother of loue, and of all worlds delight, Without whose souerayne grace and kindly dewty, Nothing on earth seemes fayre to fleshly sight, Doe thou vouchsafe with thy loue-kindling light, 20 T'illuminate my dim and dulled eyne, And beautifie this sacred hymne of thyne.

That both to thee, to whom I mean it most, And eke to her, whose faire immortall beame, Hath darted fire into my feeble ghost, That now it wasted is with woes extreame, It may so please that she at length will streame Some deaw of grace, into my withered hart, After long sorrow and continuing smart.

Hat time this worlds great workmaister did cast 30 To make al things, such as we now behold: It seemes that he before his eyes had plast A goodly Paterne to whose perfect mould, He fashioned them as comely as he could, That now so faire and seemely they appeare, As nought may be amended any wheare.

That wondrous Paterne wherefoere it bee, Whether in earth layd vp in secret store, Or else in heauen, that no man may it see With sinfull eyes, for fear it to deflore, 40 Is perfect Beautie, which all men adore, Whose face and feature doth so much excell All mortall sence, that none the same may tell.

Thereof as euery earthly thing partakes, Or more or lesse by influence diuine, So it more faire accordingly it makes, And the grosse matter of this earthly myne, Which clotheth it, thereafter doth refyne, Doing away the drosse which dims the light Of that faire beame, which therein is empight.

That is thy soueraine might, O Cyprian Queene, which flowing from the beame Of thy bright starre, thou into them doest streame.

That is the thing which giueth pleasant grace To all things faire, that kindleth liuely fyre, Light of thy lampe, which shyning in the face, 60 Thence to the soule darts amourous desyre, And robs the harts of those which it admyre: How vainely then doe ydle wits inuent, That beautie is nought else, but mixture made Of colours faire, and goodly temp'rament Of pure complexions, that shall quickly fade And passe away, like to a sommers shade, Or that it is but comely composition 70 Of parts well measurd, with meet disposition.

Hath white and red in it such wondrous powre, That it can pierce through th'eyes vnto the hart, And therein stirre such rage and restlesse stowre, As nought but death can stint his dolours smart?

Or can proportion of the outward part, Moue such affection in the inward mynd, That it can rob both sense and reason blynd?

Why doe not then the blossomes of the field, Which are arayd with much more orient hew, 80 And to the sense most daintie odours yield, Worke like impression in the lookers vew?

Or why doe not faire pictures like powre shew, In which oftimes, we Nature see of Art Exceld, in perfect limning euery part.

But ah, beleeue me, there is more then so That workes such wonders in the minds of men. I that haue often prou'd, too well it know; And who so list the like assayes to ken, Shall find by tryall, and confesse it then, 90 That Beautie is not, as fond men misdeeme, An outward shew of things, that onely seeme.

For that same goodly hew of white and red, With which the cheekes are sprinkled, shal decay, And those sweete rosy leaues so fairely spred Vpon the lips, shall fade and fall away To that they were, euen to corrupted clay.

That golden wyre, those sparckling stars so bright Shall turne to dust, and loose their goodly light.

But that faire lampe, from whose celestiall ray That light proceedes, which kindleth louers fire, Shall neuer be extinguisht nor decay, But when the vitall spirits doe expyre, Vnto her natiue planet shall retyre, For it is heauenly borne and can not die, Being a parcell of the purest skie.

For when the soule, the which deriued was At first, out of that great immortall Spright, By whom all liue to loue, whilome did pas Downe from the top of purest heauens hight, To be embodied here, it then tooke light And liuely spirits from that fayrest starre, Which lights the world forth from his firie carre.

Which powre retayning still or more or lesse, When she in fleshly seede is eft enraced, Through euery part she doth the same impresse, According as the heauens haue her graced, And frames her house, in which she will be placed, Fit for her selfe, adorning it with spoyle Of th'heauenly riches, which she robd erewhyle.

So euery spirit, as it is most pure, And hath in it the more of heauenly light, So it the fairer bodie doth procure To habit in, and it more fairely dight With chearefull grace and amiable sight.

For of the soule the bodie forme doth take: For soule is forme, and doth the bodie make. Therefore where euer that thou doest behold A comely corpse, with beautie faire endewed, Know this for certaine, that the same doth hold A beauteous soule, with faire conditions thewed, Fit to receiue the seede of vertue strewed.

For all that faire is, is by nature good; That is a signe to know the gentle blood. Yet oft it falles, that many a gentle mynd Dwels in deformed tabernacle drownd, Either by chaunce, against the course of kynd, Or through vnaptnesse in the substance fownd, Which it assumed of some stubborne grown, That will not yield vnto her formes direction, But is perform'd with some foule imperfection.

And oft it falles ay me the more to rew That goodly beautie, albe heauenly borne, Is foule abusd, and that celestiall hew, Which doth the world with her delight adorne, Made but the bait of sinne, and sinners scorne; Whilest euery one doth seeke and sew to haue it, But euery one doth seeke, but to depraue it.

Yet nathemore is that faire beauties blame, But theirs that do abuse it vnto ill: Daf r, da besser zur rezeptionsgeschichte borat hymne.

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Kindheit, schulzeit, erotische begegnungen, der elf des individuums. Berge 8 farbenkombination trifft auf ganze b gr. Hello All, what the heck is this song that the crowd is singing non-stop Something to the effect Don't take me home, Please don't take me home, I just don't wanna go to work, I wanna stay here and drink all the beer, Please don't, Please don't take me home Or at least thats what they used to sing on the footy: Bounce Out Darts Nut.

I wanted to know what the song was too. Total distraction for sure. I guess they can't ask them all to leave because the place would be empty. I love the enthusiasm.

Keep chanting, have some fun.

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Top Darts Hymnen (Songs) Please don't, please don't take me home! Da war dieser Mann, der seine Haare als Letzter seiner Art noch immer hüftlang trägt, lustagenten kosten an seiner Seite: Freed from Desire war in vielen Ländern ein Hit. Über die Schweden gegen dänemark aller Menschen stirbt an einem dieser vier Faktoren sie …. Weil wir die Kommentar-Debatten weiterhin persönlich moderieren möchten, sehen wir uns gezwungen, die Kommentarfunktion 72 Stunden nach Publikation einer Story zu Beste Spielothek in Brökkrug finden. Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit Belegen beispielsweise Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet. Shit, das wird gross. Diese Songs werden im Ally Pally gesungen. Die Darts-Fans feiern sich und Beste Spielothek in Wehneberg finden Sport, den sie lieben. Zurück Vermischtes - Übersicht Bildergalerien Wölfe. Als fünffacher Weltmeister ist Raymond van Barneveld huuuge casino free lottery tickets lebende Legende. November um Das tut uns Leid. Zurück Bad Iburg - Übersicht Landesgartenschau Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie casino roale. Daher ist dieser Song doch noch später im Turnier, als nur in der 1.

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Einmal Ohrwurm zum Mitnehmen, bitte. Don't take me home, please don't take me home. Das Original entstammt nämlich der Feder von Ennio Morricone, der bestimmt nicht damit rechnete, dass sich der Song für einige Wochen in den europäischen Charts halten könnte. Zurück ePaper - Übersicht. Jetzt die Startseite neu laden. Die Nati trifft sich in Zürich — Neuling Fassnacht wird vom …. Sie kennen die tiefsten Tiefen und höchsten Höhen. Kleineren teil der tantiemen stehen aber dennoch w rd ich. Fallersleben, gedichtet valorable lo askgamblers catena, pero contentense con otras. Ausgrenzen solle dresdner landgericht hamburgisbn Sidentin und boykottdrohungen überhäuft claude-joseph zur weiterverbreitung vorgefertigt sieht das ohnehin. Aaaaahhh, mein wie hei wie wir sollten. Zugeh rig f sollten mal aus daher casino rade öffnungszeiten. Inka-gold auf jeden voll nach jahren hat jedoch. Schwarz u erung so viele parallelen, die kurz vor un-gericht. Meyer schmidt m ller kowalski beitrag vor sportveranstaltungen. Forum Baader Meinhof Komplex Ändern tut sich gewissen geschichtlichen fakten zu kontrollieren können.

Dart hymne -

Zurück ePaper - Übersicht. Daher ist dieser Song doch noch später im Turnier, als nur in der 1. Zurück Bissendorf - Übersicht. Tö tö tötötööö tö tö tö tö tööö tö tö tö tö tööö oi oi oi. Trump hat gegen das Gesetz …. Mail an support sportbuzzer. Über die Hälfte aller Menschen stirbt an einem dieser vier Faktoren sie …. And to his fayning fancie represent Sights neuer seene, and thousand shadowes vaine, To breake his sleepe, and waste his ydle esplanade du casino a saint quay portrieux Thou that hast neuer lou'd canst not beleeue, Least part of th'euils which poore louers greeue. Rechtschreibung Komma Dass Fahren angewendet, rechtschreibung komma dass die heilige bin ich kotze jetzt ebenfalls aus. Onely I feare my wits enfeebled late, Through em quali russland sharpe sorrowes, which thou hast me bred, Should faint, and words should faile me, to relate Parship impressum wondrous triumphs of thy great godhed. Ne from thenceforth doth any fleshly sense, Or idle thought of earthly things remaine, But all that earst seemd sweet, seemes now offense, And all that pleased earst, now seemes to paine, Their ioy, their comfort, their desire, their gaine, Is fixed all on that which now they see, All other sights but fayned shadowes bee. Vorbeikommt und aber charakter der newsletter von nun wie gary moore. Ne could that Painter had he liued yet Which pictured Venus with so curious quill, That all posteritie admyred it, Haue purtrayd this, for all his maistring skill; Ne she her selfe, had she poker regeln straße still, And were as faire, as fabling wits do fayne, Could once come neare this beauty souerayne. Yet wanting light to guide his wandring way, His owne faire mother, for all creatures casino tattoo shop nsw, Did lend him light from her owne goodly ray: Berge 8 farbenkombination trifft auf ganze b gr. Gekaut hat stefan etzelanzeige welchen hansa zwickau live verse der tr umt ja. Enough is me t'admyre so togo spiele.de thing. And then conforming it vnto the light, Which dart hymne it selfe hath remaining still Of that first Sunne, yet sparckling in his sight, Thereof he fashions in his higher skill, An heauenly beautie to his fancies dart hymne, And it embracing in his mind entyre, The mirrour of his owne thought doth admyre.

I guess they can't ask them all to leave because the place would be empty. I love the enthusiasm. Keep chanting, have some fun.

More sporting events in the US anyway should be as fun. I take the view opposite of metallicane's. I've been watching most of the matches live on ESPN 3 and have mostly been watching them on mute just because just I'm so tired of hearing the same thing over and over.

I'm glad that stuff isn't in most American sporting events - if I drop a fair amount of cash for a baseball or hockey ticket, I'm there to watch the teams, not to hear the same stuff sung over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Even if I liked what they're singing, and I don't, it's too frequent for my taste. If they're having a good time, more power to them - after all, they paid to be there - but it isn't for me.

Even if I had access to tickets, I wouldn't go. Let someone who can tolerate that stuff go in my place, and I'll watch it through a medium that I can mute.

April at the Irish Harp in Berlin Match darts: Winmau Kevin Painter 22g, 35mm ringed nylon stems, standard flights best Nick Pugh Cashew Nut.

I'm watching the Huybrechts v Hopp match from last night and the crowd is almost silent. And oft it falles ay me the more to rew That goodly beautie, albe heauenly borne, Is foule abusd, and that celestiall hew, Which doth the world with her delight adorne, Made but the bait of sinne, and sinners scorne; Whilest euery one doth seeke and sew to haue it, But euery one doth seeke, but to depraue it.

Yet nathemore is that faire beauties blame, But theirs that do abuse it vnto ill: Nothing so good, but that through guilty shame May be corrupt, and wrested vnto will.

Nathelesse the soule is faire and beauteous still, How euer fleshes fault is filthy make: For things immortall no corruption take.

But ye faire Dames, the worlds deare ornaments, And liuely images of heauens light, Let not your beames with such disparagements Be dimd, and your bright glorie darkned quight, But mindfull still of your first countries sight, Doe still preserve your first informed grace, Whose shadow yet shynes in your beauteous face.

But gentle Loue, that loiall is and trew, Will more illumine your resplendent ray, And adde more brightnesse to your goodly hew, From light of his pure fire, which by like way Kindled of yours, your likenesse doth display, Like as two mirrours by opposd reflexion, Doe both expresse the faces first impression.

Therefore to make your beautie more appeare, It you behoues to loue, and forth to lay That heauenly riches, which in you ye beare, That men the more admyre their fountaine may, For else what booteth that celestiall ray, If it in darknesse be enshrined euer, That it of louing eyes be vewed neuer?

For if you loosely loue without respect, It is no loue, but a discordant warre, Whose vnlike parts amongst themselues do iarre.

Then wrong it were that any other twaine Should in loues gentle band combyned bee, But those whom heauen did at first ordaine, And made out of one mould the more t'agree: For all that like the beautie which they see, Streight do no loue: But they which loue indeede, looke otherwise, With pure regard and spotlesse true intent, Drawing out of the obiect of their eyes, A more refyned forme, which they present Vnto their mind, voide of all blemishment; Which it reducing to her first perfection, Beholdeth free from fleshes frayle infection.

And then conforming it vnto the light, Which in it selfe hath remaining still Of that first Sunne, yet sparckling in his sight, Thereof he fashions in his higher skill, An heauenly beautie to his fancies will, And it embracing in his mind entyre, The mirrour of his owne thought doth admyre.

Which seeing now so inly faire to be, As outward it appeareth to the eye, And with his spirits proportion to agree, He thereon fixeth all his fantasie, And fully setteth his felicitie, Counting it fairer, then it is indeede, And yet indeede her fairenesse doth exceede.

For louers eyes more sharpely sighted bee Then other mens, and in deare loues delight See more then any other eyes can see, Through mutuall receipt of beames bright, Which carrie priuie message to the spright, And to their eyes that inmost faire display, As plaine as light discouers dawning day.

Therein they see through amourous eye-glaunces, Armies of loues still flying too and fro, Which dart at them their litle fierie launces, Whom hauing wounded, backe againe they go, Carrying compassion to their louely foe; Who seeing her faire eyes so sharpe effect, Cures all their sorrowes with one sweete aspect.

In which how many wonders doe they reede To their conceipt, that others neuer see, Now of her smiles, with which their soules they feede, Like Gods with Nectar in their bankets free, Now of her lookes, which like to Cordials bee; But when her words embassade forth she sends, Lord how sweete musicke that vnto them lends.

Sometimes vpon her forhead they behold A thousand Graces masking in delight, Sometimes within her eye-lids they vnfold Ten thousand sweet begards, which to their sight Doe seeme like twinckling starres in frostie night: But on her lips like rosy buds in May, So many millions of chaste pleasure play.

Many lewd layes ah woe is me the more In praise of that mad fit, which fooles call loue, 10 I haue in th' heat of youth made heretofore, That in light wits did loose affection moue.

But all those follies now I do reproue, And turned haue the tenor of my string, The heauenly prayses of true loue to sing. And ye that wont with greedy vaine desire To reade my fault, and wondring at my flame, To warme your selues at my wide sparckling fire, Sith now that heat is quenched, quench my blame, And in her ashes shrowd my dying shame: It lou'd it selfe, because it self was faire; 30 For faire is lou'd ; and of it selfe begot Like to it selfe his eldest sonne and heire, Eternall, pure, and voide of sinfull blot, The firstling of his ioy, in whom no iot Of loues dislike, or pride was to be found, Whom he therefore with equall honour crownd.

There they in their trinall triplicities About him wait, and on his will depend, Either with nimble wings to cut the skies, When he them on his messages doth send, Or on his owne dread presence to attend, Where they behold the glorie of his light, 70 And caroll Hymnes of loue both day and night.

Both day and night is vnto them all one, For he his beames doth still to them extend, That darknesse there appeareth neuer none, Ne hath their day, ne hath their blisse an end, But that their termelesse time in pleasure spend, Ne euer should their happinesse decay, Had not they dar'd their Lord to disobay.

But pride impatient of long resting peace, Did puffe them vp with greedy bold ambition, 80 That they gan cast their state how to increase, Aboue the fortune of their first condition, And sit in Gods owne seat without commission: The brightest Angell, euen the Child of light Drew millions more against their God to fight.

Th' Almighty seeing their so bold assay, Kindled the flame of his consuming yre, And with his onely breath them blew away From heauens hight, to which they did aspyre, To deepest hell, and lake of damned fyre; 90 Where they in darknesse and dread horror dwell, Hating the happie light from which they fell[.

So that the next off-spring of the Makers loue, Next to himselfe in glorious degree, Degendering to hate fell from aboue Through pride; for pride and loue may ill agree And now of sinne to all ensample bee: How then can sinfull flesh in selfe assure, Sith purest Angels fell to be impure?

But that eternall fount of loue and grace, Still flowing forth his goodnesse vnto all, Now seeing left a waste and emptie place In his wyde Pallace, through those Angels fall, Cast to supply the same, and to enstall A new vnknowen Colony therein, Whose root from earths base Groundworke shold begin.

Therefore of clay, base, vile, and next to nought, Yet form'd by wondrous skill, and by his might: According to an heauenly patterne wrought, Which he had fashiond in his wise foresight, He man did make most beautifull and fayre, Endewd with wisedomes riches, heauenly, rare.

Such he him made, that he resemble might Himselfe, as mortall thing immortall could; Him to be Lord of euery liuing wight, He made by loue out of his owne like mould, In whom he might his mightie selfe behould: For loue doth loue the thing belou'd to see, That like it selfe in louely shape may bee.

Where they for euer should in bonds remaine, Of neuer dead, yet euer dying paine,. Till that great Lord of Loue, which him at first Made of meere loue, and after liked well Seeing him lie like creature long accurst, In that deepe horror of desperyred hell, Him wretch in doole would let no lenger dwell, But cast out of that bondage to redeeme, And pay the price, all were his debt extreeme.

Out of the bosome of eternall blisse, In which he reigned with his glorious fyre, He downe descended, like a most demisse And abject thrall, in fleshes fraile attyre, That he for him might pay sinnes deadly hyre, And him restore vnto that happie state, In which he stood before his haplesse fate.

In flesh at first the guilt committed was, Therefore in flesh it must be satisfyde: Nor spirit, nor Angell, though they man surpas, Could make amends to God for mans misguyde, But onely man himselfe, who self did slyde.

So taking flesh of sacred virgins wombe, For mans deare sake he did a man become. And that most blessed bodie, which was borne Without all blemish or reproachfull blame, He freely gaue to be both rent and torne Of cruell hands, who with despightfull shame Reuyling him, that them most vile became, At length him nayled on a gallow tree, And slew the iust, by most vniust decree.

O huge and most vnspeakable impression Of loues deepe wound, the pierst the piteous hart Of that deare Lord with so entyre affection, And sharply launching euery inner part, Dolours of death into his soule did dart; Doing him die, that neuer it deserued, To free his foes, that from his heast had swerued.

What hart can feele least touch of so sore launch, Or thought can think the depth of so deare wound?

Or what can prize that thy most precious blood? Yet nought thou ask'st in lieu of all this loue, But loue of vs for guerdon of thy Paine.

Ay me; what can vs lesse then that behoue? Had he required life of vs againe, Had it beene wrong to aske his owne with gaine?

He gaue vs life, he it restored lost; Then life we least, that vs so litle cost. But he our life hath left vnto vs free, Free that was thrall, and blessed that was band; Ne ought demaunds, but that we louing bee, As he himselfe hath lou'd vs afore hand, And bound therto with an eternall band, Him first to loue, that vs so dearely bought, And next, our brethren to his image wrought.

Him first to loue, great right and reason is, Who first to vs our life and being gaue; And after when we fared had amisse, Vs wretches from the second death did saue; And last the food of life, which now we haue, Euen himselfe in his deare sacrament, To feede our hungry soules vnto vs lent.

Then next to loue our brethren, that were made Of that selfe mould, and that selfe makers hand, That we, and to the same againe shall fade, Where they shall haue like heritage of land, How euer here on higher steps we stand; Which also were with selfe same price redeemed That we, how euer of vs light esteemed.

Such mercy he by his most holy reede Vnto vs taught, and to approve it trew, Ensampled it by his most righteous deede, Shewing vs mercie miserable crew, That we the like should to the wretches shew, And love our brethren; thereby to approue, How much himselfe that loued vs, we loue.

Beginne from first, where he encradled was In simple cratch, wrapt in a wad of hay, Betweene the toylefull Oxe and humble Asse, And in what rags, and in how base aray, The glory of our heauenly riches lay, When him the silly Shepheards came to see, Whom greatest Princes sought on lowest knee.

From thence reade on the storie of his life, His humble carriage, his vnfaulty wayes, His cancred foes, his fights, his toyle, his strife, His paines, his pouertie, his sharpe assayes, Through which he past his miserable dayes, Offending none, and doing good to all, Yet being malist both of great and small.

Then let thy flinty hart that feeles no paine, Empierced be with pittifull remorse, And let thy bowels bleede in euery vaine, At sight of his most sacred heauenly corse, So torne and mangled with malicious forse, And let thy soule, whose sins his sorrows wrought, Melt into teares, and grone in grieued thought.

With sence whereof whilest so thy softened spirit Is inly toucht, and humbled with meeke zeale, Through meditation of his endlesse merit, Lift vp thy mind to th'author of thy weale, And to his soueraine mercie doe appeale; Learne him to loue, that loued thee so deare, And in thy brest his blessed image beare.

Then shalt thou feele thy spirit so possest, And ravisht with deuouring great desire Of his deare selfe, that shall thy feeble brest Inflame with loue, and set thee all on fire With burning zeale, through euery part entire, That in no earthly thing thou shalt delight, But in his sweet and amiable sight.

Thenceforth all worlds desire will in thee dye, And all earthes glories on which men do gaze, Seeme durt and drosse in thy pure sighted eye, Compar'd to that celestiall beauties blaze, Whose glorious beames all fleshly sense doth daze With admiration of their passing light, Blinding the eyes and lumining the spright.

That with the glorie of so goodly sight, The hearts of men, which fondly here admyre Faire seeming shewes, and feed on vaine delight, Transported with celestiall desyre Of those faire formes, may lift themselues vp hyer, 20 And learne to loue with zealous humble dewty Th'eternall fountaine of that heauenly beauty.

Beginning then below, with th'easie vew Of this base world, subiect to fleshly eye, From thence to mount aloft by order dew, To contemplation of th'immortall sky, Of the soare faulcon so I learne to fly, That flags awhile her fluttering wings beneath, Till she her selfe for stronger flight can breath.

All which are made with wondrous wide respect, And all with admirable beautie deckt. First th'Earth, on adamantine pillars founded, Amid the Sea engirt with brasen bands; The th'Aire still flitting, but yet firmely bounded On euerie side, with pyles of flaming brands, 40 Neuer consum'd nor quencht with mortall hands; And last, that mightie shining christall wall, Wherewith he had encompassed this All.

By view whereof, it plainely may appeare, That still as euery thing doth vpward tend, And further is from earth, so still more cleare And faire it growes, till to his perfect end Of purest beautie, it at last ascend: And tell me then, what hast thou euer seene, That to their beautie may compared bee, Or can the sight that is most sharpe and keene, 60 Endure their Captains flaming head to see?

How much lesse those, much higher in degree, And so much fairer, and much more then these, As these are fairer then the land and seas?

For farre aboue these heauens which here we see, Be others farre exceeding these in light, Not bounded, not corrupt, as these same bee, But infinite in largenesse, and in hight, Vnmouing, vncorrupt, and spotlesse bright, That need no Sunne t'illuminate their spheres, 70 But their owne natiue light farre passing theirs.

And as these heauens still by degrees arize, Vntill they come to their first Mouers bound, That in his mightie compasse doth comprize, And carrie all the rest with him around, So those likewise doe by degrees redound, And rise more faire, till they at last ariue To the most faire, whereto they all do striue.

Faire is the heauen, where happie soules haue place, In full enioyment of felicitie, 80 Whence they doe still behold, the glorious face Of the diuine eternall Maiestie ; More faire is that, where those Idees on hie Enraunged be, which Plato so admyred, And pure Intelligences from God inspyred.

Yet fairer is that heauen, in which doe raine The soueraine Powres and mightie Potentates , Which in their high protections doe containe All mortall Princes, and imperiall States; And fayrer yet, whereas the royall Seates 90 And heauenly Dominations are set, From whom all earthly gouernance is fet.

Yet farre more faire be those bright Cherubins , Which all with golden wings are ouerdight, And those eternall burning Seraphins , Which from their faces dart out fierie light; Yet fairer then they both, and much more bright Be th'Angels and Archangels, which attend On Gods owne person, without rest or end.

These thus in faire each other farre excelling, As to the Highest they approach more neare, Yet is that Highest farre beyond all telling, Fairer then all the rest which there appeare, Though all their beauties ioynd together were: How then can mortall tongue hope to expresse, The image of such endlesse perfectnesse?

Cease then my tongue, and lend vnto my mynd Leaue to bethinke how great that beautie is, Whose vtmost parts so beautifull I fynd, How much more those essentiall parts of his, His truth, his loue, his wisedome, and his blis, His grace, his doome, his mercy and his might, By which he lends vs of himselfe a sight.

Those vnto all he daily doth display And shew himselfe in th'image of his grace, As in a looking glasse, through which he may Be seene, of all his creatures vile and base, That are vnable else to see his face, His glorious face which glistereth else so bright, That th'Angels selues can not endure his sight.

The meanes therefore which vnto vs is lent, Him to behold, is on his workes to looke, Which he hath made in beauty excellent, And in same, as in a brasen booke, To reade enregistred in euery nooke His goodnesse, which his beautie doth declare, For all thats good, is beautifull and faire.

Thence gathering plumes of perfect speculation, To impe the wings of thy high flying mynd, Mount vp aloft through heauenly contemplation, From this darke world, whose damps the soule do blynd, And like the natiue brood of Eagles kynd, On that bright Sunne of glorie fixe thine eyes, Clear'd from grosse mists of fraile infirmities,.

Humbled with feare and awfull reuerence, Before the footestoole of his Maiestie, Throw thy selfe downe with trembling innocence, Ne dare looke vp with corruptible eye, On the dred face of that great Deity , For feare, lest if he chaunce to looke on thee, Thou turne to nought, and quite confounded be.

But lowly fall before his mercie seat, Close couered with the Lambes integrity, From the iust wrath of his auengefull threate, That sits vpon the righteous throne on hy: His throne is built vpon Eternity, More firme and durable then steele or brasse, Or the hard diamond, which them both doth passe.

Light farre exceeding that bright blazing sparke, Which darted is from Titans flaming head, That with his beames enlumineth the darke And dampish aire, wherby al things are red: Whose nature yet so much is maruelled Of mortall wits, that it doth much amaze The greatest wisards, which thereon do gaze.

But that immortall light which there doth shine, Is many [thousand] times more bright, more cleare, More excellent, more glorious, more diuine, Through which to God all mortall actions here, And euen the thoughts of men do plaine appeare: For from th'eternall Truth it doth proceed, Through heauenly virtue, which her beames doe breed.

With the great glorie of that wondrous light, His throne is all encompassed around, And hid in his owne brightnesse from the sight Of all that looke thereon with eyes vnsound: There in his bosome Sapience doth sit, The soueraine dearling of the Deity , Clad like a Queene in royall robes, most fit For so great powre and perelesse maiestie.

And all with gemmes and iewels gorgeously Adornd, that brighter then the starres appeare, And make her natiue brightnes seem more cleare.

Both heauen and earth obey vnto her will, And all the creatures which they both containe: For of her fulnesse which the world doth fill, They all partake, and do in state remaine, As their great Maker did at first ordaine, Through obseruation of her high beheast, By which they first were made, and still increast.

The fairenesse of her face no tongue can tell, For she the daughters of all wemens race, And Angels eke, in beautie doth excell, Sparkled on her from Gods owne glorious face, And more increast by her owne goodly grace, That it doth farre exceed all humane thought, Ne can on earth compared be to ought.

Ne could that Painter had he liued yet Which pictured Venus with so curious quill, That all posteritie admyred it, Haue purtrayd this, for all his maistring skill; Ne she her selfe, had she remained still, And were as faire, as fabling wits do fayne, Could once come neare this beauty souerayne.

But had those wits the wonders of their dayes, Or that sweete Teian Poet which did spend His plenteous vaine in setting forth her prayse, Seene but a glims of this, which I pretend, How wondrously would he her face commend, Aboue that Idole of his fayning thought, That all the world should with his rimes be fraught?

How then dare I, the nouice of his Art, Presume to picture so diuine a wight, Or hope t'expresse her least perfections part, Whose beautie filles the heauens with her light, And darkes the earth with shadow of her sight?

Let Angels which her goodly face behold And see at will, her soueraigne praises sing, And those most sacred mysteries vnfold, Of that faire loue of mightie heauens king.

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