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Chartplatzierungen Erklärung der Daten. This is a great post. However, I do love to look at the pretty costumes and take pictures when I can.

I would definitely have wanted to take a picture of you. As a woman of size considered unacceptable clothing and public response is always a problem for me.

I do know people who have had to deal with this crap and it makes me sad. It was a startling and eye opening experience for me in a good way.

I had been the fat chick in TX who was not accepted by anyone and often attacked or ridiculed as such.

He apologized for staring and just wanted me to know that I was appreciated. You could have knocked me over with a feather I was so shocked.

I believe I was able to mumble a thank you and blush. I have found much more acceptance for the way I look at them than anywhere else.

So a bit of a sidelining your thread but I just wanted to put in the good word for some of the male fans out there, I just wish there were more of them and that they were more vocal for all of us.

Long time Trekkie, definitely knew you were not Yeoman Rand, she wears Red and has blond hair. Yes, those dresses were short.

That was the Look! I have several friends who run around in Original Trek. Interesting, that actually brought more comments.

Women did NOT Wear pants back then. We were expected to wear dresses, even very short ones, but Not Pants. TNG, the moral is when you stop judging others amazing things happen.

That said, TOS had other outfits that were shockingly revealing, and surely would be denounced by all the right-thinking people if they came out on a series today.

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. They fancy women for dressing up like their favourite characters then take the piss out of them.

So my first thought is anyone saying that skirt is to short clearly never really watched original trek. Which is why they wore matching under things?

There is reason geeks are known as socially awkward. Sure but…it goes both ways. A sort of con crasher. Longer would be wrong.

And I think you rock for deciding to tackle this head on. But I hope that if I ever do I handle it with this kind of strength and style.

Thanks for being willing to talk about this, and I hope to see you at Balticon again. I thought the costume looked good. Both from the standpoint of a con-goer who liked TOS and recognizes the Lt.

The only opinions of you that have meaning are yours and that of those you choose to value. I linked to this blog post from my Facebook page.

Actually, your excellent costume looks a bit more modest in the picture than in the stills from the series: Take it up with the Admiralty! Everyone was so nice and there were many girls in regulation length original series dresses.

I myself had a dress made for the event, but due to complications with my seamstress, it was unwearable. For all our imaginings that we are unique and different, a lot of fanac fan activity is fairly passive and introverted.

For all my costuming, I can not approach the bravery of Forrest Ackerman, who rode a train to WorldCon 1 dressed in his home made space cadet uniform.

The length of the skirt was accurate and far from obscene , and personally I was in awe of your costume the entire time; you looked like you stepped off the darn show!

Totally against slut shaming. However, why is there nothing here about the sexism of the original show? For geeky grrls that actually lived through that era, the original Star Trek represented another black hole where a mirror could have been.

Before filming began on the actual series, Majel Barrett and Nichelle Nichols got together and designed the female uniform, including the length of the skirt, because they wanted to look less masculine, and the skirt length was fashionable at the time.

Or so I have been told. Actually, Paulie, the actresses on TOS lobbied FOR the mini-skirt costumes, because that is what confident, liberated women of the day were wearing.

Nichelle Nichols has talked about this. Have you watched the original show recently? When I did, I was actually surprised at how outspoken Uhura could be, and how she was involved in a number of issues on the bridge.

Not to the extent of anyone in her position today, of course, but not bad for the time frame. Pike was in charge of the Enterprise.

His second in command was a woman Majel Barrett. If sexism is wrong now, then it was also wrong then. Yes, you can cite a conversation here, and a glimpse of empowerment in an episode there, but on the balance this show was sexist.

I wanted her to have her own ship. I had the same response when costuming as 90s Marvel Girl last year. I fully admit and accept that the show was sexist in very problematic ways.

But so was every other geek media. I chose to cosplay as a character from this show because when I watched it in the late 80s, early 90s , I wanted to be Uhura.

All of them had stronger personalities than most of the women in ST: TOS, but they were still designed for the male audience.

I spent many of my teenage years being incredibly angry about the sexism on Star Trek and other early sci-fi Ask me about Heinlein sometime , and every other show of that time.

Originally the TOS costume I wanted to do was Elizabeth Dehner — who wore pants, the same tunic jacket as the men and who kicked ass in her own way.

However, I could neither find nor make a tunic shirt that looked good on me in the least bit. I ended up looking like I was costuming as McCoy.

As for wanting Uhura to have her own ship: I want reboot Uhura to have her own ship as well! And I want the bald bridge officer lady in the reboot to have lines!

Haters Gonna Hate… let the comments be evidence that you are doing something right. Allow me to join the ranks of those saying that your costume was top-notch, your presence both totally legitimate and welcome, and your reaction to the responses you got completely reasonable.

Ill never understand why so many people feel the need to react the way people did to you. You must have heard of it somehow, even if that means you just saw a sign for it two minutes ago.

You have to come in and check it out. So please, please keep coming to conventions. Please keep creating and wearing awesome costumes like the one you wore to Balticon.

And please keep challenging those who make you uncomfortable there, because you have every right to be there, and they have no right to make you feel otherwise!

Uhura was almost the exception, but she appeared, to my eyes, to still be the secretary of the bridge. In my own make-believe games, I was in charge of the adventures, I was leading troops into battle, I was exploring uncharted lands.

When my eyes turned to Star Trek, they glazed over in boredom. There were no really exciting adventures for little girls like me there.

Add my voice, please, to those who attended Balticon, saw you in your impressive costume, and mostly just thought how awesome it was when people go to that much trouble in the name of accuracy and fidelity to the source material.

I wanted so badly to support every word, thought and planned action in this article. And I have never. Or other fellow geeks in general.

All references to men are made with generalities and identify us as sources of danger and stress. I wish this was not the case for you, and I wish I could do more.

In fact, the article specifically points out that a good deal of the comments came from other women. You are mistaken regarding misandry. It means hatred of men.

It is often considered the converse of misogyny- hatred of women, although the implicit assumption that these words refer to women hating men and men hating women is not necessarily part of the definition.

The words themselves allow for equal opportunity hatred. Misandry is not societally reinforced, though. Most of the ways that society hurts men are due to patriarchal essentialism, not misandry.

Please do some reading on what it means to be an ally. Just stopping in from io9 to tell you how much I love you.

As a sister geek, I have often wished I could express these frustrations. I am too often saddened and bruised by this community that I love so much.

Again and again, thank you! Grouchy, grow up a bit, get over yourself, and join the 20th century.

Your post is a crypto-misogynist post wrapped in a transparent cloak of victimhood. I meant no aggression, i was simply trying to help.

I thought I was doing this girl a favour. She corrected me, and I apologized. Emily, your article is perfect, as is your solution. To the people commenting: Hi, I was at Balticon fat lady with glasses behind the Orlando in table , saw you, and commented that I thought you looked terrific.

And I hope we win the Worldcon bid so you can join us because we need to be more welcoming and inclusive. This is a really excellent piece and that was a really excellent costume.

I plan on passing this on. Everything you said about inappropriate and unsolicited criticism is dead on. There is one issue you raise that I feel may be tipping you into the mistaken-motives direction.

It is a very trivia focused culture, and quizzing on trivia is how conventions started and the basic linguistic currency off geek culture.

It is reasonable to get into a separate discussion about whether such quizzing is appropriate or polite or productive or just plain annoying.

As a queer person, I understand that the constant bigotry external and INTERNAL that marginalized people face can lead to a default expectation that everything people do to annoy us comes from that place of bigotry, but sometimes it is reasonable to parse further.

I wrote a piece for my blog on this selfsame subject not too long ago: What you call vetting other people would consider normal competitive and self-defining behavior.

Trying to ascertain the level of commonality an individual shares with another is one thing, using the same interrogative methods to cut another person down in order to feel better about oneself is quite another.

There are other, more intelligent, healthier ways to define oneself. Good for you for taking something negative and trying to turn it into something positive!

Your TOS blue uniform is perfectly fine; I do not see one thing wrong with the uniform. They were objecting because you look fabulous.

They were making comment because they were jealous. Never let people get you down. I remember seeing you in this costume at Balticon and thought you looked great.

How can anything be considered slutty when you are wearing colored tights. Geez, people playing tennis wear less. Does that make me any less of a nerd?

Who wrote that rule? I LOVE Star Trek and bunches and bunches of other fantasy and science fiction universes- I love the philosophical and moral issues they explore and they way they use fantasy to push socio-cultural buttons.

I love the characters and the difficult situations they face. Does that make me less of a nerd? I write original science and fantasy fiction self-publishing my first novel this year!

I am rejected by intellectuals because I like fantasy and science fiction too much. Sadly, at the ripe old age of 34, I have yet to learn the skill of walking into a club meeting by myself without knowing anyone in advance.

I have tried that type of thing a couple of times over the course of my life, and I was shunned or ignored in each situation. I am shy- yes it is possible to both confident in yourself and shy- and I have trouble starting conversations with people, even when we have common interests.

When I do drag a conversation into being, I manage somehow to intimidate people and they get away from me as quickly as possible.

The mental fortitude it takes to try again is overwhelming. You wore a costume that was both correct for the Original ST show and the con itself.

The people who have an issue with it have an issue with their own bodies and probably do not have the costuming abilities you do.

Your costume is also rather conservative considering what some people wear. Perhaps it was the fact more is less; like a Ferengi mind had taken over the populous of the con?

In a society that wears booty shorts and bikini tops to a doctors appointment; perhaps covering up is seen as obscene.

A shapeless medieval gown is not the armor it might appear to be. Religion can rear its ugly head. Even a little cap has lead people to sneeringly ask what sort of Amish I am.

Thank you for this essay and the awesomeness of your costume. Hope to see you rock in person someday. We just read your article, and we LOVE your costumes and your attitude.

The more of us that speak out on our own behalf, and create a safer environment so that others can do the same, the better geek culture becomes.

There is also the more complicated question of why costumers like yourself and others, including men choose to wear certain costumes.

One, because you enjoy it obviously , it is part of the fandom you subscribe to, it has personal value to you. You want to represent something that you find cool or exciting or otherwise meaningful to you.

There are also the many unconscious things that compel us to act the way we do, things that really have nothing to do with having fun, but what we are exposed to perhaps from childhood on and what we have become part of, a system and a way of thinking that is almost never discussed, outside of CBT sessions.

There is nature and there is nurture and something in between. For all the progress in equal rights, we still do not see many women CEOs, political leaders, etc.

We see plenty of costumers, though. Role play is interesting to explore, especially with these dynamics. Why is there so little discussion about it?

Just blind acceptance in the media and elsewhere? Why does a grown women feel compelled to wear a costume originally designed to compel the male gaze?

A sexist-hold over that is being reintroduced and thus, helping to perpetuate that old-fashioned idea?

That said, there are people out there who love dressing up as Nazis though they do not subscribe to the philosophies — some are even members of royal families.

But where does learning begin? The fantasy female that you may embody for some , is a male invention, and you are wearing it.

No one deserves abuse for it, but not to understand why some men might behave inappropriately, is a tad disingenuous.

Yes, they should know better. But I see the irony. Is wearing an exact replica of a sexist costume designed for the male gaze a way of doing that, in a different context?

Does the message come across, or does it matter? Is it all down to being respectful, no matter what a person looks like, is dressed like, etc?

It must be, but, again, where does the learning begin? Do we have to wear Irony at all times as well? Our motivations, even the ones we are not really aware of, can be more important than we realize.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. It is refreshing to see such insight. I too feel that people should feel free from any sort of persecution for any reason and to blame impulses is a poor excuse.

But a friend of mine suggested that it may represent for some the heroic act of Leia freeing herself from Jaba the Hutt.

Perhaps it is a matter of context of costuming. Some day I dream that this will be a non-issue. Women who felt you made them look less good by comparison, went out of their way to try make you feel uncomfortable, unwanted, unwelcome, and slutty so… you turned around and blamed the male oriented culture of conventions.

This post should really have been split into two separate ones: The males apparently did nothing wrong.

In fact, they were treating you just like one of the guys — which you purport to desire. Males grill other males on trivia.

Males look affronted when other males correct them. Males ignore other males they have no interest in talking too all the time.

I have no idea why you are complaining about this, unless you want males to treat you differently than they treat other men. Additionally, you seem to be falling into an excessively binary dichotomy: Not all men will find intelligent, educated women desirable conversation partners, but most men will admire attractive women.

Instead of being a shallow male who cares only about her appearance, I will discuss our shared love of star trek together! Have you ever listened to guys talk about sports?

You can see why most nerds are hopeless with women. I think one of the biggest ways to improve this situation is for women to learn to accept the male attention in the spirit with which it is given.

Gosh, if I had been there, I would have had a very curious reaction. So I would asked the Lieutenant if who her tailor was!

And if you were a hot guy in a nice tight Fleet uniform, I might also ask for your phone number. A girl on tumblr made a comic on this topic as well.

But she wanted all her mail with a military return address. After being flummoxed the first few times, he got into the spirit of it and would kid her about doing this sort of thing will all men.

Maybe the problem is that puritans under the feminist banner was her to be desexed? She owned her sexuality!

How dare people try to disempower her, neuter her, make her a victim? Some women enjoy the sexual attention of men. Now if only there was a term we could use to describe the attempt to silence them… something alliterative… starting with sssss.

The skirts were so short because there is no gravity in Calcutta, which is a Black Hole, and not because they were Playboy bunnies.

I thought your outfit was fabulous! When you came by our table in the dealers room, I was impressed with the detail of the costume.

To me, it was wonderful that someone wore a costume from the Star Trek series that I grew up with. Is that your intent?

You wore that costume poorly if that was not your intent, and now, you are upset about the comments it generated. I personally think that people should be able to accept constraints, and unfortunately, most geeks tend to disagree.

This article shows how it works both ways: Stop complaining about it, and make sure you learn how to sit down in an Old Trek costume before wearing it again.

What exactly was she flashing? Like a tennis dress. Or a figure-skating costume. I figure it was a combination of the dress riding up and posture changes from perhaps unfamiliar high heeled boots and walking fast.

Ref embarrassment levels when a woman manages to tuck her skirt into something opaque not meant for view at that moment.

Part of the pantyhose reinforcement area was showing. I just walk that way. Some of the patterns actually come with matched panties.

Although until this thread I had never noticed it on screen. Except Balticon strives to be costumer friendly. There is a hall costume contest.

If you truly have a problem with what someone is wearing, Con Ops is down at the end of the hall behind the curtain.

Go complain to them. However, there have been less costumers in recent years. There have been less entrants into the Masquerade. Obviously your inner thigh is quite offensive.

The founder of Costume Con chairs our masquerade. I would hardly call that a failure to be cosplay friendly. FYI, it is common these days for costumers and, indeed, young woman in street clothes, to wear shorts under their short skirts so that they are NOT flashing people.

What your and your friends saw was her modesty garment, not her underwear. She constructed and wore the costume exquisitely and had an appropriate modesty garment in place.

Her hair was perfectly coiffed to match the period of the outfit and her footwear was a perfect match. Oh wow…the appropriate updo totally nails it!

Yes, there have been costumes where sex appeal was job one…. Maybe they got their manners from spending to much time online. I would have hit on you.

She basically wore two pairs, pretty much like girls here do for sport at high school. Also, what I was doing under my costume!

And what most other short-costume wearing costumers do, given then prevalence of guys trying to take pictures up our skirts.

Not at Balticon, but at bigger and more costume-heavy cons. In which case, maybe the problem was a fear of a potential event so dreaded they never noticed the real situation.

He has been trying to reach you since the last day of the con. You WON the popular vote, you know. Please write to HallCostumes Balticon.

I wish that we could rise above and be kind to one another and be happy for the effort and the time that we do put into our costumes. Yours probably looked so cool and spot on like the tv show.

Thank you for writing that article. I remember that exact sensation many years ago when I would wander the halls of Balticon in costume.

I had a costume I loved, but when I put it on, I had to gird my mental armor as well. It was exhausting to wear. I saw you and complimented you on this costume at Balticon but I want to say it again: I have stopped wearing costumes at cons mostly because I lack to time to make them, but I know part of it was the awkward stares and drunken psudo come-ons.

There is one man a Balticon who looked out for me when I was too young to look after myself ish and I will forever be grateful for his intervention.

Bless all of the men and women who speak up for those too embarrassed or confused to do so for themselves. I took my 6yo daughter to her first con a few months ago.

She proudly sported her Legend of Zelda shirt and when she saw older girls cosplaying Link she stated emphatically that at her next con she was going to as well.

Thank you for helping to make her path a little easier to traverse. Star Trek was forward thinking in many ways, but those tiny skirts were not the leading edge of feminist progress; rather, they were to make men like looking at the show that much more.

The author speaks of other conventions, other costumes. The outfits are skimpy, and what there is of them is generally skintight. Again, this was done to appeal to a primarily male audience.

Women who are fans of the genre may like these costumes from a design standpoint, but their appeal to men is and always has been primarily sexual.

My main point here is that the author is dressing up as something that was designed to reduce women to eye candy. It was meant to be ogled.

It is inherently sexist, period. Male sci fi fans have been ogling these images for as long as these characters have existed, so to be shocked that they do the same thing when they see them in real life is to me a little surprising.

Wearing a miniskirt was seen as liberated by the women of the time, and Nichelle had input into the costume design. Certainly, right-thinking people denounced those libertines back then, as they do today, but the fact is Star Trek was a s show with the values of the youth of the time.

The one time I went to DragonCon, I went with a group of friends that were all male. I threw on an old Halo shirt and some jeans, some eyeliner and chapstick, and wandered into what I assumed was going to be a safe geek zone.

Throughout the Con, guys wandered up to me and asked to have their pictures taken with me. Some of them began to tear up, laughing.

One of them explained that at Cons it was customary for people to get their pictures taken with people in costume or people they found attractive, sometimes paying them for the privilege.

Horrified, I wore an over-sized sweatshirt the next day. Not only had I been objectified without understanding the situation, but those that I assumed were my friends had been complicit in shaming me for being a female in a male space.

Needless to say, I do most of my geeking out behind closed doors now. If you had had a woman do that to you, would you have then denounced female society?

Because i know from the cosplayer tales that they are sometimes approached and even groped by women.

Why are you so scared of being desired? It comes from both men and women. EVERY uber geek starts as a newbie and we should learn to encourage each other.

How is that going to make you feel? The actual situation would have to be me going to an area of gay pride, and instead of being groped or threatened, men pose with me, give me tips for the privilege, and slip me their phone numbers.

By the way, female friends of mine who have gone to rallies have had their tits fondled and worse, by women, and they still managed to walk out the front door the next day without collapsing in a heap.

In the scenario described by Ciara, the men behaved correctly. Never said anything about freedom of consequences. If you want to jeer at anyone who finds you attractive, go thee forth and have at it.

I happen to agree with the opinions of these people http: Well, if nothing, he can certainly bloviate. Freedom requires critical thinking and personal accountability, and that shit is really difficult.

That line of argument tends to go with a whole suite of other entitled assumptions. Now grow a pair, own your words, and stop making a fool of yourself.

Actually, freedom of speech does become an issue when mobs form to begin dictating what someone can or cannot say. This is the problem with social justice warriors.

They reduce rights to being nothing more than legal privileges for the sole purpose of making their mob justice seemingly acceptable.

If you do not submit to their whims, they agitate others that have nothing to do with a given situation so that they may descend on individuals like angry locusts.

They oppress and suppress anything and everything they dislike, and they do it while whining that they are not oppressing or suppressing anyone because they are a mob acting in concert but not in the same way that the government is a mob acting in concert.

They will shout you down, run you over, and destroy your livelihood, and they tell themselves that they love freedom and justice while they do so.

A person has a natural right to express themselves even if you dislike it, and that right does not come from the First Amendment.

Another person, or rather a group of people, working to keep you from expressing yourself is no less guilty of violating that right than an authoritarian government.

As I have a right to express my thoughts, you have a right to not associate with me or my thoughts. You do not, however, have a right to gang up to silence others.

And this is also not an issue of private companies being allowed to have their own rules on their own property.

Because the social justice mobsters are constantly working to force private companies to adopt policies they would not otherwise have so as to suppress what the mobsters have decided is unacceptable.

Bullying a private company so as to silence others still comes back to the principle of freedom of speech and the suppression thereof.

People are free to ignore me and go on about their business.

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Green eine gute und passende Anlaufstelle für Dich ist, wenn es um Sportwetten geht. Stärken und Schwächen von Mr. Auf der dritten Seite des Formulars muss man noch einen Bestätigungscode eingeben, welchen man als SMS zugesendet bekommt. Wie in der deutschen Wettschule gelernt, müssen Spieler bei Online Buchmachern normalerweise eine Steuer bezahlen. Beachte die Mindesteinzahlungsbeträge, die Du für die Aktivierung vom Mr. Bei der Betrachtung von Mr. Green Bonus für Sportwetten bzw. Ich werde jedoch zeitnah einen separaten Artikel hierzu verfassen. Die Auszahlungsquoten sind fair, stabil und hoch. Already a ton of comments here — which I am glad to see, because I think moorhuhn lot of great things are said here. There is no reason I should have to do this, but I came to realize something in reflecting on events at Balticon: Wenn die Parasiten den Körper verlassen haben, wird man zum ersten mal merken, wie es sich anfühlt wirklich am Leben zu sein. Das Video wurde millionenfach bei YouTube aufgerufen. These dirty cheaters fuck doggystyle right under Zac's girlfriend's nose, then head upstairs where they can really go wild. Please shoot me an email if interested. I threw on an old Halo shirt and some jeans, some eyeliner and chapstick, How Mr Greens Bonuses Work - Mr Green wandered into what I assumed was going to be a safe geek zone. Auf eine telefonische Hotline Beste Spielothek in La Chaux-sur-Breuleux finden im Wunderino Casino komplett verzichtet. And I do mean ignore. Ratgeber zu Wunderino Casino: Because we were the Good Guys and they were the Bad guys. Crypto , heute um Kitts und Nevis St. Bonus einlösen bet Bonus. Die Basis für diesen Test sind klassische Fragen, die Kunden an einen Buchmacher normalerweise richten. Interessant finde ich, dass umfangreiche Mr. Insgesamt können bei Mr Green über verschiedene Glücksspiele um echtes Geld gespielt werden. Dies gilt auch bei Mr. Mr green das betrüger casino Maestro-Karten gehen aber auch. Dennoch hat sich Mr Green mal ein etwas anderes und interessantes Bonus Programm überlegt, als den klassischen Einzahlungsbonus. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can find us at the end of the long hallway playgrand casino no deposit bonus 2019 the lower level near the Art Beste Spielothek in Zschadrass finden. And the better the costume, the harder it is to distinguish between creator and creation. Also, compared to others, I thought you had a lot more covered! Besonders positiv herauszustellen 1 fc köln transfers der abwechslungsreiche Spielmix, wobei das Live-Casino gesondert positiv zu erwähnen ist. Aus der gesammelten Erfahrung von hunderten Klienten, etlichen Seminaren, unzähligen Vorträgen, Privatterminen bei den führenden Beste Spielothek in Gutenstein finden national und international sowie der unnachahmlichen Recherche in der deutschen und englischen Literatur entwickelte ich die Alex Green Parasitenkur 2. Hope to see you rock in person someday. This is true for professionals at cons, too, not just for fans. Thank you for the article. How dare people try to disempower her, neuter her, make her a victim? I was covered head to toe as an Andorian, and holy heck the guys came out of the woodwork. I was left with the impression that he wanted, not to clarify, Machines à Sous Wild Games | France to obscure with the truncated explanations between equations. The staff, the volunteers, the program Beste Spielothek in Wester-Treia finden, even the people working the tables for other events were all wonderful. Meine Angst und Panikattacken sind weg… einfach weg. I am sure there was good reason to acquire the technology the way we did.

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Und wenn Sie als Kunde doch einmal versuchen möchten, ihren Problemen selbst auf die Schliche zu kommen, dann steht ein ausführlicher FAQ-Bereich zur Selbstdiagnose bereit. Dabei muss aber die übliche Bearbeitungszeit von Tagen beachtet werden, die für die Dokumentation im Rahmen der Geldwäscheprävention vorgeschrieben ist. Casino Heroes Bonus Code 6. Mit Online-Bezahlmethoden wie Neteller und Skrill funktionieren die Auszahlungen natürlich noch schneller. Ich bin seit einigen Monaten begeisterter Kunde und glaube, dass ich dort auch weiterhin bleiben werde. In jedem Fall solltest Du den Buchmacher Mr. Das ist schon beinahe eine Kuriosität, denn eigentlich gibt es bei bei jedem Online-Casino Spieler, die ihre Verluste grundsätzlich mit Betrug erklären und das Casino dafür verantwortlich machen.

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